Ep.1 Bahamas Cyber Security Update

We share cyber-security news, tips and information that is relevant to the general public.

Now that technology is such a huge part of our lives, cyber security is all of our responsibility and not just IT guys. We are all responsible for keeping ourselves, our homes and our workplaces safe.

In This Episode we cover;

  • The local Public Hospital Authority (PHA) announced they had been breached
  • MICROSOFT (@hotmail.com etc) Email Breach
  • Amazon’s Alexa privacy concern
  • Tip: what do you do with your old electronic devices?

Bahamas cyber shield helps local businesses reduce their risk of cyber breach, cyber attack by implementing our employee cyber security awareness program.

We often think of cyber security as a purely technical solution, but 90% of cyber breaches happen because of mistakes that people make.

If you want to learn more about our services send us a message on this blog.


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