Presentation: Website Design For Car Services

If you’re in the Car Rental, Car Sales, or Luxury Car business this is for you. Watch this quick presentation to see the key features your business website should have and our pricing plans for your website.

Can Local Businesses Learn From Facebook Rebrand As Meta?

Facebook recently rebranded as Meta, which signals the company’s realignment to focus on the MetaVerse. Now, while the metaverse is really interesting, I think local business owners can learn much from why Facebook made the decision.

Your Business Needs To Implement Online Payments

Do your customers have to come to your office to pay you? Or worse, go to a bank make a payment, and then send you a receipt? This is the reality for a lot of businesses in The Bahamas. And it’s horrible customer service. Not only is it bad customer service, but It also leads […]

Need More Customers? Try The Fast Food Strategy

This is a basic strategy employed by the fast-food industry to increase revenue. I am surprised that more local businesses are not implementing it. Although it is a relatively straightforward strategy, implementing it requires an understanding of the psychology behind it. As well as understanding what to upsell and knowing how to get staff to […]

3 Strategies Local Businesses Should Copy From Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon

These companies are not successful by accident. They follow tried and true strategies that work. And while the workings of multi-billion dollar global giants may seem beyond a small business in The Bahamas, I assure you that they are not. In fact these strategies are basic and relatively easy to implement if you know how. […]

3 Steps To Perform a Quick Online Audit Of Your Business & Industry

What your need to know about website design

Do you know what your customers find when they search for your business online? I had a client tell me that they did not have a facebook page. I did a search and found that they not only had a facebook page but their clients were actively posting to it and leaving reviews. How did […]

Downsizing may not be the best strategy to save your business post-covid19

The new normal is upon us. Based on all accounts it will not be an easy time. There is a recession coming. The US economy is still locked down and there are currently no tourist allowed into The Bahamas. In this environment, many businesses have to suspend operations and/or downsize to survive. This is the […]