Increase conversions by adding a popup to your website

Website popups can increase conversions on your website by 40% Capture your visitor’s attention and get them to take the action you desire. Share coupons, make an announcement, promote a special, get more subscriptions etc. etc. A popup is a great tool for a website Use BAH48 to Get 48% OFF in honor of our […]

Getting Value From Your Business Website P1

90% of Bahamian businesses are barely scratching the surface of what the internet can do for them. GR Wilson, founder GR Wilson Consultancy A website is an incredibly powerful tool. It should transform the way your business operates, market and serve your customers. Unfortunately many business owners are not getting value from their websites for […]

Could Your Email Address Cost You Business?

Come on, you can’t be serious right? Email is not that important. Look, I get it. As an entrepreneur or small business owner you have way more important things you need to be focused on. The email address just doesn’t seem that important in the grand scheme of things. I get it. But seeing […]

How are there STILL Bahamian Businesses without a Facebook Page?

Facebook Training For Local Bahamian Businesses

Its truly amazing to me that there are still businesses that are not on facebook or any other social media platform.  Here is a tool that literally gives your business the power to reach your customer directly and businesses are refusing to use it. Crazy! In the past this was not possible you had to […]