Why You Should Add Live Chat To Your Website

Improves Customer Service About 60% of customers want a quick reaction from support to their inquiry. After reaching out to the customer support team, a lot of customers prefer a maximum 10 minutes reply or support, live chat statistics show. Based on the answers from the study respondents 46% of customers consider the same importance […]

Need More Customers? Try The Fast Food Strategy

This is a basic strategy employed by the fast-food industry to increase revenue. I am surprised that more local businesses are not implementing it. Although it is a relatively straightforward strategy, implementing it requires an understanding of the psychology behind it. As well as understanding what to upsell and knowing how to get staff to […]

Getting Value From Your Business Website P1

90% of Bahamian businesses are barely scratching the surface of what the internet can do for them. GR Wilson, founder GR Wilson Consultancy A website is an incredibly powerful tool. It should transform the way your business operates, market and serve your customers. Unfortunately many business owners are not getting value from their websites for […]

A Vlog For Local Business Owners

Business owners are busy. You know your business but struggle to understand what you should be doing online or even IF you should bother. I started GRWIlson Consultancy to help local businesses use the internet to succeed. This vlog will be a key part of that goal. Join me as I answer common questions business […]