COVID 19 Popup & Curbside Landing Page

Is it safe to say that lockdowns and other covid19 issues will be impacting our businesses for the forseable future?

I think it is.

While there is a firestorm of debate and blame about who caused what and how can we open etc. I thought to focus on what businesses can do to be successful now.

How do you become resilient through this process? What do businesses need? That is my focus.

This is just the first of several ideas that will help businesses become more resilient and even thrive during this time.

Curbside Pickup Landing Page

Social distancing regulations severely limit the ability of businesses to serve customers instore. During lockdowns, the Government often advises businesses to only serve their customers via curbside pickup.

Having a page dedicated to just this function with the ability to accept orders and communicate with employees could go along way to offer convenient service to your customers.

A curbside pick is just one of the applications of a landing page. There are many others that could help your business.

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COVID-19 Popup Notification

Every business now has to inform its customer base about their Covid19 policies. A good way to do that is to ensure that every visitor to your website gets a pop-up that lets them know what does policies are.

I know that for most companies this may involve going to a developer and that may cost a lot of money. But if your site is built on wordpress, I can update your site pretty quickly with the necessary information.

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