How are there STILL Bahamian Businesses without a Facebook Page?

Facebook Training For Local Bahamian Businesses

Its truly amazing to me that there are still businesses that are not on facebook or any other social media platform. 

Here is a tool that literally gives your business the power to reach your customer directly and businesses are refusing to use it. Crazy!

In the past this was not possible you had to depend on word of mouth or spend thousands of dollars on advertising. Now you simply need to launch a facebook page and start sharing content.

Nowadays when I want to research a product or find where a business is located I search for it. If I need information I search for online, if I can’t find it I may send them a message on their social media

Social media is as critical for business as the telephone.

There may be businesses that can survive without social media for now, but I’m thinking that that will get much harder in the future.

Get with it Bahamian businesses!



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