Your Business Needs To Implement Online Payments

Do your customers have to come to your office to pay you? Or worse, go to a bank make a payment, and then send you a receipt? This is the reality for a lot of businesses in The Bahamas. And it’s horrible customer service. Not only is it bad customer service, but It also leads […]

Post Election Reality For Bahamian Business Owners

So the election is over. The PLP has won. On the day of the election, I was thinking about local business owners and how our reality will change post-election. I recorded this video prior to hearing the election results and touched on six points that I think you should focus on to help your business […]

Why You Should Add Live Chat To Your Website

Improves Customer Service About 60% of customers want a quick reaction from support to their inquiry. After reaching out to the customer support team, a lot of customers prefer a maximum 10 minutes reply or support, live chat statistics show. Based on the answers from the study respondents 46% of customers consider the same importance […]

Need More Customers? Try The Fast Food Strategy

This is a basic strategy employed by the fast-food industry to increase revenue. I am surprised that more local businesses are not implementing it. Although it is a relatively straightforward strategy, implementing it requires an understanding of the psychology behind it. As well as understanding what to upsell and knowing how to get staff to […]

How are there STILL Bahamian Businesses without a Facebook Page?

Facebook Training For Local Bahamian Businesses

Its truly amazing to me that there are still businesses that are not on facebook or any other social media platform.  Here is a tool that literally gives your business the power to reach your customer directly and businesses are refusing to use it. Crazy! In the past this was not possible you had to […]

The PM’s Story Explains Why We’re In Debt & Where The VAT Money Gone

PM Perry Chrisitie

THAT’S WHERE THE VAT MONEY GONE! The now infamous slogan from the PLPs convention immediately came to mind when watching the PM share the below story at the “Why PLP “thing at UB last week. Now lets unpack this a lil bit; I don’t dispute that Acklins needs or could use this investment. My problem arises in […]