The PM’s Story Explains Why We’re In Debt & Where The VAT Money Gone


The now infamous slogan from the PLPs convention immediately came to mind when watching the PM share the below story at the “Why PLP “thing at UB last week.

Now lets unpack this a lil bit;

I don’t dispute that Acklins needs or could use this investment. My problem arises in how & when the decision was made to go forward with this development.

Considering that

  1. Our National Debt is north of 7 Billion dollars or 90% of GDP
  2. we’re running a quarter to half  Billion dollar Deficit every year and
  3. we’ve been downgraded several times consecutively in recent years

Perhaps this is not the best time or best way to go about making a decision to invest $25 Million?

(btw just to be clear I’m referring to the additional investment not the initial contract after the hurricane)

This investment could be a good one but only if its planned and thought through properly. First you have to do it in a way that does not impact your budget. you can’t decide to spend 25 million on the drop of a dime. Studies have to be conducted plans drawn up, cost projected, logistics worked out.

PM Perry Chrisitie
I Think This Could Work…said every business owner with no business plan before their business shuts down less than a year later

Having a proper development there means more than just a road and dock. What about facilities. Who owns the land? how will the port function? who will run it? can it be self sustainable? what is the environmental impact? Advantages disadvantages of this location? so much more.

But most important is the impact on the budget. Who believes this will only cost 2 millio5n? It will likely over run that as part of the standard waste and corruption of every government contract. then you have the cost to man, support, supply and maintain the location. All told probably another 20 million per year added to the government budget which is already running at least a quarter billion deficit annually remember.

Every time the public calls for the government to stop spending, they come back with we would have to cut social services and education etc etc.

But its spending like this, that the Prime Minister said is one of his proudest moments, is what we want to see cut.

Stick to your budget. If its a good idea, then make a plan and budget for it the next year or two. But stop spending money like a drunken sailor. Focus on reducing wastage and ensure that we get value for money on these projects.



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