Video: Should You Get An App For Your Business

Should a small businesses in The Bahamas invest in apps instead of websites? I answer that question in the below video

Obviously everyone has a cell phone these days and are using apps. So it makes sense that some businesses would think that an app would be a good investment.

But, The key thing to think about is the value the app is going to add. Is it something that your customers would need to use every day. Will your app have regularly updated content or is it interactive.

I say get an app if it makes sense for your business. Don’t get one because it’s the latest trend. Most of all don’t spend money on something that your customers won’t use.

Btw a modern mobile responsive website looks great on mobile devices and does not have to overcome the user resistance to downloading and installing an app.

So for the vast majority of local businesses in The Bahamas, I’d say an app is not necessary.

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