COVID 19 Popup & Curbside Landing Page

Is it safe to say that lockdowns and other covid19 issues will be impacting our businesses for the forseable future? I think it is. While there is a firestorm of debate and blame about who caused what and how can we open etc. I thought to focus on what businesses can do to be successful […]

3 Steps To Perform a Quick Online Audit Of Your Business & Industry

What your need to know about website design

Do you know what your customers find when they search for your business online? I had a client tell me that they did not have a facebook page. I did a search and found that they not only had a facebook page but their clients were actively posting to it and leaving reviews. How did […]

Private Schools Have a Short Window To Adjust Before School Opens In The Fall

There is a large number of private schools in The Bahamas. The vast majority of which were not ready for the pandemic. Many have no website (or very old websites) and few had any form of virtual learning program in place. Therefore, when the Government shut down the island, local public and private schools had […]

Downsizing may not be the best strategy to save your business post-covid19

The new normal is upon us. Based on all accounts it will not be an easy time. There is a recession coming. The US economy is still locked down and there are currently no tourist allowed into The Bahamas. In this environment, many businesses have to suspend operations and/or downsize to survive. This is the […]