10 Ways To Improve Your EvE Ratio

Eve RatioHow do you spend your free time when you’re not at work or at school?

Most people listen to talk radio on the way to work and at lunch. Get home after work and then watch several hours of Television before going to bed.

EvE is short for Entertainment vs. Education. It’s basically a ratio of how much time you spend on activities that educate you verses activities that entertain you.

A guy name Brian Tracy coined the term and he believed that for the average person that ratio was 50:1

So for every 50 minutes of entertainment activity, the average person only spent 1 minute on education type activities. Thats horrible!

In recent years I’ve been trying to improve my EvE ratio without even knowing the term. I just felt I needed to work on myself more if I want to be successful and happy. In fact I wrote a post earlier this year about the need to consume less social media, news and talk radio to reduce negativity.

So when I heard about this term it just clicked with me and I wanted to share it here on this blog. Below are 10 ways you can get more educational content in your life;

  1. Listen to podcast on the drive to work
  2. Download the Kindle App on to your phone and read at lunch
  3. Watch Ted Talks for one hour everyday
  4. Learn to play an Instrument or Language
  5. Subscribe to educational youtube channels
  6. Follow interesting people on FB and other social media platforms
  7. Take a free online course (or a paid one)
  8. Write a blog or book
  9. Meditate
  10. Read for 10 -20 minutes before bed each night

People who are successful do not get there by mistake. Instead they lay the foundation by investing in themselves daily.

These are some of the small ways that I try to invest in myself.

Have you heard of the EvE ratio or other similar concepts before? Any suggestions on ways to improve this ratio?


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