My 15 Favorite Moments From Historic #WeMarchBahamas

GR Wilson
Proud that I attended the #wemarchmovement on November 25th 2016

The #WeMarch movement will go down in the history of The Bahamas. If you don’t know what it was all about go here to read up on it.

After several years of blogging at I came to a simple conclusion about The Bahamas; Almost every problem can be traced to Slackness & Corruption.

So when I heard about this march and the reason behind it, I immediately put in for the day off so that I could attend.

I am proud to say that I attended this historic event.  Here are some of my favorite moments;

  1. The diversity of the crowd. People came out from every strata of society.
  2. Hearing people grumble when they first saw PLP MPs Shane Gibson, Kenrick Dorsette and Cleola Hamilton show up in black at Arawak cay
  3. Watching the crowd swell at Arawak cay in the last half hour before it started
  4. The Moment the march started… on time
  5. Hearing our National Anthem sung with such gusto and emotion during the march
  6. When the crowd heckled Shane Gibson at Arawak Cay and On The March… “no damn shame” and “Shane Go Home” lol
  7. Meeting up with so many friends, Coworkers and Family on the march or in Rawson Square
  8. The sheer size and energy of the crowd as it stretched from Arawak Cay to Nassau street light or from the Hilton to Rawson Square
  9.  The National Anthem on repeat… loved this so much its on the list twice.
  10. The Police… I am thankful the police did not try to corral the crowd like they did at the BTC march… that would not have ended well for anyone. This crowd was not having it.
  11. The moment when multiple groups of politicians and/or union leaders were about to hijack the march in Rawson Square and Ranard stood on a chair and squashed it with the phrase, “Remember Why We’re Here…”
  12. The speeches in Rawson Square… well not all of them. That bey from Bimini was all over the place.
  13. The moment the crowd turned their backs on Leslie Miller and chanted “Miller Go Home”… this was classic and a powerful moment
  14. The Signs… the huge variety of issues people were promoting/protesting, from legalizing Marijuana to you name it
  15. That fact that people kept coming. The crowd thinned and swelled multiple times while I was there. People were coming on their lunch breaks and after work
  16. What was your favorite moment?



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