Sudden Improvement In Bowling


Last Thursday I bowled my first 200 game, Ever!

I followed that up by bowling 230 in a tournament a few days later, making the top 5 and finishing 4th for a nice payout in my first ever tournament.

(full disclosure: the tourney had some modified scoring that made it easier to bowl a high pin fall)

To put this in perspective; I bowled about three times total in the previous bowling season (Banker’s bowling league) and had never bowled above 145avg in several years of being a member of the league.

So what happened?

I can’t be sure, but if I had to venture a guess, I’d say my preparation and mental game is stronger.

Prior to this season I went back to basics and decided on some simple stuff like

  1. My spare system. I found this chart online and saved it as my screen saver
  2. Changed my starting stance
  3. Committed to following through on my arm rotation after release
  4. Start off by visualizing my ball path for the strike or spare pickup

I believe these small changes have greatly impacted my game. Its still early and I have to maintain it, but as of right now I feel like nothing can stop me.

So what can I learn from this sudden improvement in my bowling results

  • I needed to get back to basics
  • I deconstruct and practice individual components before bringing it all back together
  • Have a system to deal with the less than ideal results that happen every so often
  • Use visualization, positive self talk and affirmations

With these small changes we can improve at almost anything!


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