I’m Happy I Tried Google Chromebook

If my windows laptop had feelings, I imagine it would be signing songs of lost love and abandonment right about now.

In July I bought an Asus Chromebook Flip and since then my windows laptop has been sitting on my night stand gathering dust. I haven’t turned it on in months.

Here’s what my chromebook looks like



Its a convertible 2 in 1 laptop/tablet with a touch screen, and 16 GB SSD hard drive. Its small, light and Fast!

Here’s Why You Should Get One Too

No Waiting While It Boots

If you own a windows computer you’re familiar with waiting for it to boot up. You push the power button and if you’re lucky its fully booted up in 15 – 30 secs. If not, you go make a sandwich or something.

My Chromebook is on instantly. And that’s not an exaggeration; I press the button and its on!

Don’t worry about Antivirus, malware, updates, drivers etc.

One of the first things you do on a windows PC is install and update Antivirus and malware software. Infact, throughout the life of your laptop you will will have to ensure that this software is installed, updated and wroking.

There’s also the hassle of driver compatibility and updating windows regularly.

If you don’t do these things your new computer will be toast in short order.

Chromebook: You don’t have to worry about ANY OF THIS. Its a great feeling, I tell you. Any updates are handled in the browser and literally takes seconds.

Avoid The Dreaded Slow Down

Its inevitable. If you’ve had a windows machine you know what I’m talking about. It WILL slow down, within months with just regular use. There seems to be no way of avoiding it.

Chromebook: I haven’t noticed any slow down yet. The only thing you have to worry about is to ensure that you’re not using too many extentions.

The Cost

A decent windows laptop will cost you $500 –  $800 dollars. The chromebook runs you just $200 on average.  What more is there to say, really?

You spend most of your time in the browser

Finally, if you have a reliable internet connection and you spend a lot of time in your browser then this is for you. I was a bit nervous making the switch, but I don’t regret it and I haven’t missed any installed software.

Also remember that you can use google docs or Microsoft Office online for free!

Do you have any questions let me know in the comments.




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