Pull the Plug On Social Media, News, Television and Talk Radio

Facebook, Talk Radio, Television and News are making us unhappy, angry and fearful people.

A few years ago I would buy the local paper, listen to talk radio and watch the news daily. I was a member of countless groups on Facebook and logged on regularly to participate in debates and keep up with whats going on.

But these days, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve watched the evening news, or listen to more than a few minutes of talk radio. I don’t visit political groups on Facebook or engage in political debate, beyond occasionally posting my thoughts to my timeline. (Although, I recently got into a few exchanges leading up to the black Friday wemarch event)

Now you may be thinking that I’ve become disengaged and turning a blind eye to whats happening in the country, but thats not the case. I simply don’t feel the need to be inundated with it Every Flippin Day!

I have concluded that our Government is inept, inefficient and corrupt, I don’t need to go into the details everyday on talk radio. I just don’t man, its depressing.

Instead, I promote transparency and accountability to everyone I speak with and support social activist movements like #wemarch and #outdabox to put pressure on the government to change. Oh yeah and I registered to vote.

News updates (especially Breaking News) don’t keep you safe. they just increases your fear level. If you live in Nassau and you’re not already practicing awareness and exercising sound judgement when it comes to your personal safety, than that’s on you.

I know that Nassau is full of violent criminals and there’s robbery, rape and murder almost daily, but I don’t need the breaking news updates that someone got shot/stabbed/raped or the image of someone lying in a pool of blood. (I still haven’t gotten over the Nellie Brown-Cox brutal murder scene pictures. I can’t unsee that shit…)

Here’s how I stay safe;

  1. Avoid known bad areas/situations
  2. Avoid unnecessary conflict and drama
  3. Practice awareness
  4. Install safety measures in and around my home

And despite all of that, some idiot could still take my life, so why live in fear? Just take what precautions you can and then live your life.

Back to social media; every other day there’s some drama on FB that almost everyone posts about. The decorations downtown are not to your liking, OK. shrug. Cindy Patrice Daxon had a baby, Kanye Shrug.  speaking of Kanye and the Kadashians etc who gives a fuck! ugh.

People get so caught up in bs. I mean if you’re online discussing Cindy Patrice Daxon giving birth you need to re-evaluate your life. I watched a portion of one of her videos and I never felt the need to watch another.

While I still go on Facebook too often, I treat it like a garden and silly irrelevant post I pull like weeds.

Anyway I got a bit off course here

The point is these things that we are engaging in daily are completely unnecessary.  When I cut back on them, I saw my outlook change. I saw my peace of mind increase.

So if you are caught up in this vicious cycle of news, social media and manufactured drama, try unplugging for a day or 30 and watch your outlook change too.

Good Luck!

#protectyourpeaceofmind #avoidnegativity


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