What To Gift The Man in Your Life

gifts for menSome women find it hard to shop for their boyfriends husband or man in their life.

Who knew, right? But I guess the signs were there all along… just look at the lame gifts we get for Christ’s sake!

So after seeing a lady post in a Facebook group for ideas on what to buy her husband for Valentine’s day I thought nah this needs to stop, I’m going to deal with this once and for all…

So ladies  pay attention…

Us men are really not that hard to please, just use the following method.

Hobbies, Passions, Work and Style or Character

When you start thinking about what to buy us just ask yourself

  • What are his hobbies
  • What is he interested in
  • What kind of work does he do

Once you’ve done that you can then buy gifts in the below categories. Note: These gifts get more expensive the higher the level.

Level 1 – Get him paraphernalia/accessories

Level 2 – Provide him with quality tools

Level 3 – Make sure he has the right Environment and set the ambiance

Level 4 – Take him there/Travel

That’s basically it in a nutshell, following this guide you should always be able to come up with a nice gift for the man in your life.

What about Sex?

Look, you will rarely find a man who will turn down sex. So many of you may be tempted to simply use this short cut. don’t do it. A friend of mine put it like this on facebook;

Folks – don’t give access to your genitals as a gift…
Even if you dress it up in nice underwear.
If you really want to do something nice for your partner sexually as a gift, get em some access to brand new desirable genitalia.

couldn’t have said it better myself.



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